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Online Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes
100% Online Class
Instant Access
Many individuals are required to take DUI classes to satisfy requirements for court, probation, DMV, insurance companies and Employers. Our online classes were developed to provide effective learning and convenience. 
​For non-driving related offenses. Includes possession of controlled substances or open intoxicants. Also includes public drunkenness. Classes offered range from 8-72 hours.
Usually ordered by the Court or probation to demonstrate the impact that an intoxicated driver has on other members of a community. This class is included as part of all other classes available.
For any individual under the age of 21 charged with possession of a controlled substance or consumption of alcohol. This does not include driving under the influence. Classes offered range from 8-24 hours.
For DUI/DWI offenders. This includes any operating under the influence charges. Classes offered range from 8-24 hours for this class.
Drug & Alcohol Classes

•8-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $25

•12-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $50

•16-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $75

•24-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $100

•32-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $125

•48-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $150

•72-hour Drug/Alcohol Class - $200

DUI Classes

•8-hour DUI Class - $25

•12-hour DUI Class - $50

•16-hour DUI Class - $75

•24-hour DUI Class - $100

​MIP/MIC Classes

•8-hour MIP/MIC Class - $25 (Level 1)

•12-hour MIP/MIC Class - $50 (Level 1)

•16-hour MIP/MIC Class - $75 (Level 2)

•24-hour MIP/MIC Class - $100 (Level 2)

Victim Impact Panel 

Online Victim Impact Panel - $35
*** Victim Impact Panel is included with all classes 
at no additional costs. You do not need to pay separately
if you are already enrolled in DUI, MIP or Drug/Alcohol 
Education course. 

Please Note: that it is your responsibility to determine whether our alcohol class is accepted for your particular court requirement. This is a distance-learning meant for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not accept online programs. Although our program includes a money-back guarantee, it’s in your best interest to check with your court or other legal organization to determine whether they will accept this alcohol class. 

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