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Online Drug & Alcohol Awareness Classes
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About SBC Online DUI Classes

Our objective is to make our students more aware of their responsibilities as drivers, to provide information pertaining to new laws and regulations, and to provide the knowledge to help one make the choice to become a safer driver.

Our commitment to quality has earned us a reputation for outstanding service, exceptional courses and innovative technologies. 

Our classes are entirely online, extremely easy to navigate and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Plus, with the ability to log in and out as often as you like, you can complete all of the courses at your leisure. Some of the other unique and rewarding benefits you’ll discover are:

You study in the comfort of your own home
There are no downloads or extra software to buy
You don't have to know much about computers
A truly hassle-free experience

The classes found on this website are educational in nature aimed at increasing awareness of the dangers of alcohol and substance use, dependency, tolerance, and addiction. Our programs have been used by participants and accepted by courts throughout the United States as one of the finest distance learning Alcohol and Drug Awareness and Minor in Possession classes available in the world. .

We offer several drug / alcohol awareness / DUI and MIP programs. A Level One (8 or 12 hour) class and Level two (16 or 24 Hour) class and a Level three (32 hour class). Level four classes for extreme cases range from 48-72 hours. We also offer the same non-extreme variations for our minor in possession classes, an 8, 12, 16 and 24 hour programs.


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About our Team

Our team consists of qualified certified Substance Abuse Counselors. Each employee holds a minimum of a Bachelor's degree and all counselors are members of the National Association of Drug Court Professionals and the National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counselors. Thousands of certificates verifying successful completion of programs have been written by the SBC DUI team and are widely accepted by most U.S. Court Judicial Districts.

All rights reserved. Please Note: that it is your responsibility to determine whether our alcohol class is accepted for your particular court requirement. This is a distance-learning meant for educational purposes only. Some courts and DMVs do not accept online programs. Although our program includes a money-back guarantee, it’s in your best interest to check with your court or other legal organization to determine whether they will accept this alcohol class. 

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